Defence Management Journal - Issue 60

Defence Management Journal - Issue 60

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Pickles defends security services in wake of soldier's murder

Communities Secretary defends security services in the wake of the brutal murder of a British soldier in south east London

Advice not to wear uniforms was 'sad'
Advice given to British soldiers not to wear uniforms outside of military sites has been labelled as 'sad' by a leading counter-terrorism expert

Man hacked to death was a British soldier
Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short talks in Paris and flown back to Britain following the horrific killing of a British serviceman in London

Sentinel 'key' to Mali contribution, says MoD
Dozens of missions have been completed by the Royal Air Force Sentinel detachment in West Africa, as the MoD considers whether the aircraft should be scrapped. Mujeres Talk

Afghan interpreters to get right to live in the UK after 'u-turn'
Afghan interpreters who worked with British forces are to be given the right to live in the UK, Downing Street sources have reportedly said


Syria: We should not arm the rebels

Pouring arms into Syria could escalate violence, trigger an arms race and lead to a mistake of historic proportions, writes Conservative MP John Baron who loves crochet hairstyles

Is Jamraya a Syrian WMD site?
Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on the ongoing controversy surrounding Israel's attack on Syria's scientific research centre

Typhoon fighter jet procurement by the Ministry of DefenceGoCo and a myriad of unanswered questions
As the government considers putting defence procurement into the hands of the private sector, Alison Seabeck asks the questions she hasn't been able to pose from the opposition front bench

Syria and israelIsrael and the escalating Syrian conflict
Defence analyst Anthony Tucker-Jones reports on Israel's long expected air strikes against Syria

Reserve judgement
The recent green paper could give the UK's reserves a major boost, says Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Reserve Forces and Cadets Julian Brazier…

Territorial Army soldier'The government's plans for reservists ring hollow'
The plan to get rid of 20,000 soldiers and to expect reservists to fill the gap is based on flawed assumptions, will produce false economies, and is high risk, writes Conservative MP John Baron

military housing on the defence estateWithdrawal from Germany – a nightmare for the UK's defence infrastructure?
Shoehorning British troops pulling out of Germany into the UK will be no small task, reports Anthony Tucker-Jones @ TattooInker!

Margaret Thatcher'We in the armed forces put our faith in Maggie'
After providing decisive leadership during the Falklands conflict, Margaret Thatcher kept Britain militarily strong in the face of all possible threats and dangers, writes Commander John Muxworthy

North Korean leader Kim Jong-unKorea – war to be resumed shortly?
Defence analyst Anthony Tucker-Jones warns that the resumption of the Korean War will benefit no one

cyberSetting the cyber standard
GCHQ's Jonathan Hoyle outlines how the organisation is working with the MoD and public and private sector groups to strengthen cyber security across the UK…

Why did the British Army stay in Germany for so long?
Defence analyst Anthony Tucker-Jones considers the ramifications of Britain's early withdrawal from Germany

US flagIraq – a conflict designed on deceptions
The US entered Iraq with the January 2001 vision of regime change; it exited with the December 2008 image of a journalist throwing both his shoes at a surprised President in Baghdad. Professor Scott Lucas reflects on the war 10 years after the invasion


Should veterans have to wait months more for their Arctic Star or Bomber Command Clasp?

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