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With governments the world over continuing to cite defence of the realm as their first duty, Defencemanagement.com provides a home for news, analysis, opinion and debate on the major defence issues.

Even as governments’ first duty, defence budgets the world over are facing a major squeeze as a result of the global economic downturn and difficult decisions are being made that will shape the armed forces for decades to come. Visitors to Defencemanagement.com are invited to join the defence debate online.

Defencemanagement.com provides independent and authoritative analysis on an extensive array of defence topics including policy, strategy, procurement, logistics, human resources, training, the army, navy and air force, military vehicles, the defence estate and more.

The site also boasts exclusive in-depth articles from some of the key figures in British and international defence ministries and industry.

The key to Defencemanagement.com’s success, however, is you, the reader. We value your feedback and comments, and we want to hear your take on the big defence stories.

All of our articles offer you the chance to comment and our weekly poll allows you to debate the big defence questions. If you don’t think the right questions are being asked, then the “Your Say” section allows you to start your own defence debate and invite other users to comment.

As an online accompaniment to the Defence Management Journal (DMJ), Defencemanagement.com provides free online access to digital versions of the DMJ back catalogue, making years of authoritative defence content more accessible than ever before.

Defence Management Journal moves worldwide –

Together with the regular 10,000 copies currently distributed we are now pleased to add 30,000 potential new readers through the development of an email circulation list.

The list will be focusing on the following geographical areas: Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. The main areas of distribution will cover civilian and military representatives of the international defence community and will include:
  • Ministries and Departments of Defence
  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs
  • Defence Colleges and Military Academies
  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy/Marines
  • Private Sector organisations
For those included in our new distribution a full electronic version of the journal will be made available online, making DMJ one of the most widely available Defence related titles worldwide.